Dynamic Nature Alignment

Dynamic Nature Alignment

Welcome to Dynamic Nature Alignment (DNA), a psychospiritual natured based way of working with personal dilemmas that takes place outdoors.

What is DNA?

DNA is an intuitive way of working therapeutically outside a typical clinical setting, where the natural world is viewed as a dynamic ally. It allows a moving away from the over-analytical brain into a more intuitive self, recognising something bigger, a mystery, not to be solved but to lean into. In a world where tech is becoming more and more prevalent in our lives, there is a greater need to turn away from screens, recognising this vast non-pixelated picture is part of who we are.

Wild mirrors

The outer (environment, animals, other people etc.) and inner (Psychology, spirit, body etc.) are in constant relationship. In DNA, the outer is seen as a mirror reflecting back the stories, dreams and myths woven into our psyches. There are lots of examples of ‘wild mirrors’ that we use in everyday thinking, such as metaphor, resonance, projection, intuition, synchronicity, transference, symbolism, what you see is what you are, we reap what we sew, and karma. When disowned Wild Mirrors can be destructive, particularly in projection, and yet when brought to consciousness, hidden aspects of the self can then be creatively explored in a way that enables a transition through to the next stage of your personal journey.

What areas can DNA work with?

Whilst change never stops taking place, perhaps paradoxically most people who come to a DNA session are looking to make some changes. Change involves leaving that which is familiar and for many of us, this presents a dilemma that brings us to therapy. Changes can’t be made for you by someone else, only you hold the key, but with support and self-awareness you can gain the courage you need to open the door.

All issues hold something we can learn from. In DNA we do not deny or over identify with issues but rather engage with, learn from and move forward to where we need to go next.

What do I offer?

In DNA the outdoors becomes a medicinal space held in a supportive way so that you can explore whatever surfaces. The direction a session takes depends on what you bring. As well as my intuition, I offer skills I have gathered over the years both through training and personal experience,

Why outdoors?

There can be any number of reasons for working outdoors. Here are a few reasons why you might choose to work outdoors:

  • Nature is/was a big part of your life and connects you to areas you wish to work on.

  • You need some healing around or are drawn to a particular space.

  • An element of nature (phobia, intuition, death/change, feelings etc.) causes you anxiety

  • You wish to connect more with nature and your intuition

  • You’d like some therapy but feel restricted by the clinical setting.

  • You wish to see someone who has both a psychological and spiritual understanding

  • You’re curious to try something different.

How many sessions?

How many session you have would depend on how deep seated the issue is that you bring. The amount of sessions will be discussed in the consultation.

If desired, outdoor sessions can be punctuated with in-door sessions so as to offer extra containment for any work where this may feel necessary.

All initial outdoor sessions require an indoor consultation prior to going outdoors.

The weather If potentially disruptive weather is forecast ( torrential downpour, thunder/lightning, snow) a late cancellation is acceptable. What weather you are willing to commit to will be decided in the consultation.

My background Throughout my life I have had a deep interest in humanistic psychotherapy, bodywork, astrology, Tarot cards, psychic work, shamanism and nature. For the first few years as a therapist I lived off the grid in some woodland and when a client asked if they could have a session outdoors it seemed a natural and obvious step to take. Since then I have seen many clients outdoors, have completed ‘Wild Therapy’ training and have created Dynamic Nature Alignment. For more info about me.

Consultation Before any outdoor work together takes place, there is an indoor 90 minute consultation.

The consultation is there to find out:

  • What it is you wish to work on

  • Background information that may be useful for me to know (family, relationships, anxieties, previous growth work, phobias, disabilities, medication etc.)

  • Any concerns you may have

  • Practicalities (weather, clothing, where to meet, fee’s, dates, times etc.)

If I decide I am not able to work with you I will be clear about my reasons and a consultation fee will not be charged.

Where do DNA sessions take place?


Stroud is surrounded by the Cotswolds so choices of places to work are endless. The pre-outdoor session will take place either in Stroud or Bristol, depending on which is most convenient.

A place of your choosing

A place in itself can hold deep significance for us and though I usually work in green spaces that are local to my practice rooms, and if within reason, I am open to suggestions of other places.

If you are interested in booking a session please Contact me

low angle photography of trees at daytime
low angle photography of trees at daytime